Push the Vote emphatically believes that healthcare is a human right! To deprive any human being access to quality healthcare is not only immoral, but a crime against humanity. In Maslows Hierarchy of needs, the first to be listed in the pyramid are the essentials to life, one’s basic needs. This organization believes whole heartedly that, if a health problem arises, all people should be able to address the problem with a physician and receive proper and effective treatment without the burden of being saddled with debt and or fear of rejection due to the limited insurance network coverages; this is in fact a basic and fundamental need. Health and well being must be addressed before any other need can be met simply because being in optimal health gives way to one being able to work towards and reach their fullest potential. Push the vote wants to see Universal Healthcare passed and wants to make certain we push for legislators, legislation, and voter awareness on this issue because truly all people can and will benefit from it. Amongst many of the largest voices in mainstream media and widely known politicians, single payer healthcare has been a controversial topic that is often steered away from. This wave of populism that we are now seeing within our politics, has given the argument new tenor and brought it to  the conscienceless of the average American. Because of this wave, the majority of Americans are now in favor of the plan, our job now is to get the representatives to echo the voices of the people and fight for this basic human right. In order to see this change in our health care system, we must abandon voter apathy in every corner of this nation and, PUSH THE VOTE!



America’s Educational system has been on a consistent decline for quite some time now, for a wide range of reasons. There have been a great deal of studies and analytics developed in an effort to find solutions to the disparities in our education system, and though we’ve made strides in some areas, we still have insurmountable bounds to go. From the rampant inequities that exist within the system, to the antiquated methods of education we’ve allowed to persist, our children have not been given the best of what this nation can provide.  Push the Vote is an organization dedicated to  our nation’s children, no matter the zip code. We believe that every child deserves access to an equitable and quality education; one that focuses on the holistic advancement of each child rather than a blanketed industrialized style of learning. As an organization we want to see education begin to move more towards the education and stimulation of each child’s personalized gifts and capabilities. As a nation, it is our obligation to educate our constituents effectively, which is one way we ensure a thriving economy for years to come. Push The Vote is vehemently dedicated to this fight and welcome like-minded supporters to come alongside us and help push for legislation and representatives that will make this cause a top priority.



Push the vote is dedicated to making certain our environment is left better off for the next generation than how it was when the previous generation got here.